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Creating Polymer Clay Animals

There are many ways to work with polymer clay. I prefer to use black clay and sometimes add foil to give them an antiqued look. I like to bake my creatures during the process so it is easier to hold on too, up to 3 times even. When it has to be painted and has a small piece of sea glass on top, the whole proces can take up to 4 days or more. It might look easy because they are small, but trust me it is not. Every time I make a new creature I learn something new. About the shape, the color or the baking process.


While I used to be a 2-dimensional thinker, I went to art school to become an illustrator. The statue making is a whole different art discipline. It needs a different way of thinking which I enjoy figuring out. It is a constant learning process of how to put things together, what shape to use and, how long to bake it and what paint to use.


I tried out different polymer clay brands before I found the one I use now. I like a firm clay that doesn’t get too flexible when it gets warmed up. Of course that also depends on where you live and what time of the year it is.In the winder you have to knead it longer before you can use it. And in summer you might not want a lamp right over it because it is already too warm.

As far as the paint goes I use a acrylic paint and acrylic markers. You need to put layer after layer but the good thing is the paint dries fast but I always paint more pieces at once. I usually make more of the same creatures so I can try out different colors to see what works well.


And for inspiration I just think of an animal or I bird I like. They don’t have to look realistic but I try to capture the soul or the vibe I get from the animal or bird. Also I like cultures that live or used to live close to nature, like Inuit and Native Americans and how they made and decorated their art.