About Artist Fionna Bottema

Fionna Bottema

Fionna Bottema lives in the countryside in the North of Holland with her husband Olaf and their cats, tortoises, and lots of birds. They have a wild garden that attracts all kinds of animals like hedgehogs, red squirrels, and several species of birds from wrens and green finches to barn owls. It is like living on a little “island” of wilderness. She works from home and there will usually be a cat sleeping in her chair or an orphaned bird sitting in a box with a hot pad next to it waiting to be fed.

Even though Fionna attended art school to become a nature illustrator, she never actually worked as an illustrator. But her love for nature has always been there, and bird watching and nature photography are two of her favorite hobbies. She also enjoys beach combing with her cousin on beaches all over the world, which they can do for days or even weeks at a time. The items she collects such as sea glass, shells, driftwood, stones with holes, and gemstones usually end up in some way in her jewelry.  

She enjoys any kind of art that has to do with animals or nature, whether it’s sculpting creatures, photographing insects, or creating quirky animal illustrations.

wood carved birds made from reclaimed materials and driftwood

Above are some of the examples of Fionna’s reclaimed wood bird sculptures. To purchase, please click the link below.