About Fionna's Hand-Made Jewelry

Polar Bear Necklace with Sea Glass
Polymer clay faux amber beads
Boho Sea Glass Necklace

Since she was a kid, Fionna has been collecting things from nature. She describes herself as a magpie picking up things that appeal to her. She finds it fun to use these treasures in her jewelry along with the animals, birds and the amber that she makes of polymer clay. Sculpting, baking and polishing polymer clay is a very long and arduous process. Once finished, she combines the polymer clay with the natural materials she’s collected, like wood, horn, ceramic, vintage glass beads and trade beads to make a unique piece of jewelry.

Genuine Sea Glass

Fionna’s interest in sea glass started in the summer of 2017 when she traveled to the Spanish Island of Mallorca with family. While there, she spent weeks strolling the beaches finding these beautiful treasures. Some of the “black glass” sometimes called “pirate glass” or “secret glass” that she found was actually in 4 feet of water and hundreds of years old. It most likely came from old Spanish galleons that had ship-wrecked nearby. She now travels to various beaches around the world looking for the finest jewelry quality sea glass.

Fionna mostly collects her sea glass from beaches in Spain, France and England. She and her cousin Barbara, who lives in Florida, go on sea glass hunting trips together mostly along the Mediterranean Sea. They spend weeks at a time walking the shoreline and digging through the pebbles searching for old, well-worn pieces of sea glass. All of her glass is presented as it is found. No glass is ever artificially tumbled, but is instead worn and frosted by years of being in the surf.