About Ploymer Clay Animals

polymer clay wren made by artist Fionna Bottema
Polymer Clay Anteater

Making polymer clay animals is one of Fionna’s favorite things to create. They don’t have to look realistic, but she tries to capture the soul of the animal as she sees them. The animals used for her jewelry are inspired by the Inuit who make beautiful and simple carvings out of bone and tusk. Sometimes she adds sea glass (which she collects herself) and beads to them, inspired by Native American people who put little offerings on the backs of stone carved animals. Amber is also sometimes included in her necklaces, similar to what the Berber and Tuareg people use. 

The polymer clay creatures are all handmade so no two are exactly alike. They are baked in a oven after which Fionna hand paints and polishes them. Some of them are decorated with small pieces of sea glass or pearl beads and charms, while others are added to her jewelry.

polymer clay creatures