About Fionna's Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Lizard broche
Carved carnelian buddha head

Fionna also has a vast collection of vintage and antique jewelry. Her insect brooches are particularly unusual. She scours various antique stores as well as searches online for rare vintage jewelry. Pictured here are a lizard brooch with amethyst stones, an antique carnelian buddha head carving, and several other unique pieces. 

She also has a particular fondness for Murano Millefiore beads. There are numerous necklaces, bracelets and loose beads for sale on Etsy, some of which are quite rare.

Vintage jewelry for sale by Fionna Bottema

Vintage and Antique Beads

Fionna has come across many unusual antique beads throughout her travels. She picks them up here and there and includes them in her jewelry designs. She has some African trade beads, vintage Murano Millefiori beads and antique glass beads with beautiful colors and patterns. 

The ones that don’t make it into her necklaces and bracelets, she lists for sale on her Etsy store. 

Vintage Murano Millefiori bead necklace